All right, kids. The time has come again to empty my desktop folder full of links and share them with you. Hope you enjoy!

Let's kick things off right with this little gem:

via (originally from C Magazine)
:: 20 things to stop apologizing for

:: So much wanderlust resulted from this video

:: Even dudes are jumping on the "Call Me Maybe" bandwagon!

:: I love me some regular camping, but I just cannot get over how amazeballs it would be to go glamping.

:: Clouds are fascinating to me, especially these manmade indoor ones.

:: "Above all, try something." - FDR. Make it count.

:: The world wide web, literally: a few of my photos were used by a Polish writer in an article on a Christian web site (it's in Polish, so you won't be able to read it, but you can see the photos)!

:: Do you watch the show New Girl? If so, are you as in love with Schmidt as I am? I loved his online dating profile, and now I loved his spin class video as well. Fun fact: a couple of weeks after this video was posted, Max Greenfield (the actor who plays Schmidt) taught a spin class at SoulCycle here in West Hollywood. Sadly, I was out of town, so I wasn't able to participate.

:: Dancewalking!

:: Do you dream, or do you plan?

:: Arrested Development, Lego-style.

:: Minnesota Nice.

:: Oh, Zooey. May you forever be as adorkable as you are right now.

:: 10 things you must give up to be successful.

:: Great words from great thinkers, inspired by wine. Excellent.

:: Speaking wine...holy eff, yes please!

:: I am all in for what is going to happen in this movie.

:: This video made me SO nostalgic for Costa Rica. Get living.

:: My friend who lives in Panama made a pretty cool mix on Soundcloud - perfect for an evening in, just chillin' and bein' zen.

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That's all, folks! Have a great Thursday!