Exploration: Elfin Forest

Last week I got to go up to Morro Bay for the third time (read about my first timesecond time), this time not with people my age, but with two little amigos who, on this blog, go by the monikers D&L. Perhaps you've heard of them.


The thing about nannying at the same time as being a personal assistant is that oftentimes, fun activities get lost in the shuffle. The three of us have lots of adventures together, but when they're part of a string of activities, it's hard to milk pure enjoyment from them, because we're always in a bit of a rush to get to our next destination.

Up at Morro Bay, I got two relaxing, unadulterated days with D&L, and milk them we did. Their parents had several fantastic suggestions for where to go and what to do, and we did as many of them as possible. I'll be posting about our fun throughout this week, because as usual, I took kajillions of pictures, and I want to do each experience justice.

The first place we went was the Elfin Forest, located on the far end of the bay from the actual town of Morro Bay itself. The forest is made up of hundreds of small, moss-laden pygmy oaks and other short plants and brush, all sitting on top of sand dunes that slowly slope down towards the water. There is a boardwalk that meanders through the forest, occasionally veering off to overlooks and canopied, meditative nooks with benches.

elfin forest



It was a chilly day. Fog hovered over the hilltops and an intermittent cool breeze rustled the leaves of the oaks. The boys reveled in the freedom of the boardwalk, running ahead of me and then sprinting back to breathlessly report their findings. At one point, L declared, "Way-choh, I can see da hoe weh-yald fwom hewe!" Ten points if you can guess what that sentence means. Bonus points if you said Awww in your head while reading it.

elfin forest morro bay

elfin forest morro bay

elfin forest morro bay


elfin forest


I spent a lot of the time smiling. It's easy to forget how amazing the world is, but spending time with cute little boys who are in a constant state of wonder is the perfect reminder.


More adventures to come!

Happy Monday!