Bits of Travel

This morning I woke up in a tent in the hills of Utah, and eight hours later, I'm back in my apartment in Los Angeles.

My camera has been doing this weird not focusing thing lately, even though I just got the sensor cleaned...
heeellllp meeee!
The story on the sad state of the tent: guess who forgot the poles? If your answer was me, you would be correct. Apparently they weren't in the bag with the rest of the tent like I assumed. After discovering they were missing, I got simultaneously defensive and pouty and swore Toby to secrecy, but now I think it's kind of humorous, so I'm doing the exact opposite and telling everyone about it on my blog.  It worked out for the best, because Toby figured out how to string the tent up on the branch of a tree (you can't see the string in this picture), and then we staked the tent to give it a bit of shape. Thank goodness for forgiving, resourceful boyfriends. And for extra forgiving and flexible cousins (Toby's cousin Billy, pictured above, came along for the ride).  
Traveling is so weird. It makes my brain wonky (in a good way) and time seems to flip all over the place. 

Here are a few shots I snapped on our trek home:

I love the west.

More on my travels throughout this week. We just got home a few hours ago, and now we're off to show cousin Billy a good time, starting with an improv show at UCBT. Mmmm, can't wait for bed. Happy Monday!

P.S. The Perseids meteor shower was still going strong last night, even though we totally forgot about it. We came out of the bathroom after brushing our teeth, and were admiring the intense brightness of the milky way when a giant shooting star came arcing across the sky, leaving a blazing orange trail behind it. We stood there and watched for awhile, and I only saw one more, but WORTH IT. So, so, so beautiful. I love shooting stars. Anyway, I think the busiest nights of the meteor shower are over, but  I think it's still happening, so if you live in a place where the stars are actually visible (unlike LA), getcho butt outside and check it out, fool.