I have something to admit, blogosphere: I have been avoiding you. 

If it makes you feel any better, it's nothing personal...unless we're talking about me, in which case yes, it is extremely personal. 

I didn't mean to take a break from blogging. It started out with me being too busy and missing a day or two, and then I started (over)thinking about what exactly I want from this blog, and which activities I should be prioritizing in my life, and that led to more (over)thinking about how I really would like to be a writer, but how I don't have enough time to be everything I want to be, and it's hard to pick and choose, so I need to choose carefully...and...

Basically, I've been procrastinating and making excuses a whole bunch, with the help of visitors and travels and work. But no longer (she said unconvincingly)!

I am back! Maybe! For sure! I have been slowly gathering my thoughts, getting my photography business solidly off the ground, and attempting to organize my life into a routine that will help the creativity flow. A huge part of that is finding time for Real Writing. Whatever that means. 

So anyway...I've missed you! However, I have been lurking and keeping up on everyone else's blogs, so no need to fret about that; I am well-informed. 

Here's a teensy little preview of all the things I've been up to lately:

Beach times


Hikes with friends

Sibling love

Photo sessions

Friend times

More friend times

More photo sessions

And more photo sessions

Waterfalls and Hollywood boyfriends

Picknicking with cute kids

Concerts on the beach

Listening to the dulcet tones of Donavon Frankenreiter on the Santa Monica Pier

And flyin' high in the sky
So really, life's pretty good. 

Happy Sunday!