The time has come again for me to empty out my big folder full of links that I love. Some of these are now a couple of months old, and I'd forgotten about most of them (because I'm a fickle, fickle internet lover), but perusing them made me happy all over again. Enjoy!


:: First and foremost, I have been lusting after autumn in NYC lately for some reason (it'd be fun to spend every other season in New York (fall and spring) and California (winter and summer), don't you think?), and this description by Anaïs Nin that I just read today on Brain Pickings is so, so, so beautiful . My favorite line: "Just bring your own contents, and you create a sparkle of the highest power."

:: Speaking of NYC, these tilt-shift photos that Alice over at lingered upon took are SO COOL.

:: Call Me Maybe meme videos are still the best. (via)

:: 25 things you didn't know about Mad Men that will blow your mind.

:: The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. And if you don't know who Rory Gilmore is, feel free to unfriend me on Facebook and in life. Just kidding. Sort of.

:: Choral music, Zooey Deschanel, Bon Iver, and hipster Angelenos = awesome.

:: If you're a cloud lover like me, you will enjoy this video.

:: They're finally filming the new season of Arrested Development (ssshhhhh, this happened a month ago)!

:: A bohemian nautical wedding - I am nowhere near ready to get married, but when I do...that is a pretty friggin' cool theme.

:: The scientific cure for hang overs. (via)
:: A bajillion amazing photos that will blow your mind. 

:: The beauty of the irrational (all of my runner friends - you know who you are - will really like this).
The Beauty of the Irrational from The African Attachment on Vimeo.

:: I want to hang this up in my apartment. 

:: Hell yeah

:: A photo of the moon over London during the Olympics, taken at exactly the right moment.

:: The Girl and the Hedgehog. So cute. 

:: An inspiring interview from The Great Discontent with Seth Godin about creativity, entrepreneurialism, and success. 

:: A stuffed pegasus. I want one!

:: 10 reasons to be okay with being disliked. 

:: A great case for universal health care. 

:: A SPECTACULAR photo of a boy standing in front of the solar eclipse (yeah, the one from like, a million years ago, remember it?).

:: The 12 most striking tendencies of creative people. 

:: Marilyn Monroe's unpublished poems

:: The 22 rules of storytelling according to Pixar. 

:: Tiny steps to overcome your fear of judgment. This completely relates to my super honest post

:: Tchaikovsky on work ethic vs. inspiration.

:: Some things people don't always tell you about writing. 

Yay links! So many links! Okay, kisses and hugs and all that. Happy Friday!