Inspiration: Tina Roth Eisenberg

You guys, maybe it's just the iced chai tea followed by the whiskey ginger that I drank within an hour of each other on an empty stomach earlier this afternoon, but I feel SO JAZZED (and jittery) right now. 

I just got done watching this video (can't figure out how to embed it) of a talk done by Tina Roth Eisenberg, otherwise known as swissmiss. There are bajillions of really inspiring talks and quotes and people in the world, but for some reason this one struck a chord with me like no other has. I've been going through a phase (is it still considered a phase if it's lasted a couple of years?) of being obsessed with inspirational speakers, life coaches, etc., and I've started to get kind of tired of their pep. I have nothing against being spirited and enthusiastic, but I often feel like they're trying too hard to convince me that I CAN DO IT, and I never feel like I'll be able to achieve the level of awesomeness they're always shouting about. 

Then I found out about Tina, and I breathed a little sigh of relief, because you know what? She is normal. 
Photo by Stephen Falke, via The Great Discontent
Her profession is also not that of a motivational speaker, which probably has something to do with her down to earth demeanor, but even so, the talk I linked above is one of the most motivational experiences I've had in quite some time. She outlines her eight rules for success - the rules she wants to teach her children as they navigate life - and while they aren't mind-blowingly new or shocking, they are simply...true. I like true. True is doable. True resonates with me. 

The eight rules are as follows:

1 :: Love what you do
2 :: Trust your intuition
3 :: If an opportunity scares you, you need to take it
4 :: Don't be a complainer; make things better
5 :: Make time for side projects
6 :: Ignore haters
7 :: Seek to inspire others

I have a million ideas bubbling in my brain cauldron, and I've been terrified of failure and of what other people might say or think, so I haven't done any of them. Instead, I've spent so much time reading endless lists and quotes and trying to get inspired that now everything I read and watch sounds cliche, because I've heard it all a thousand times before. Except this talk. Which I'm taking as a sign that it's time to begin. Have I said this kind of thing before? Hell yeah. But saying it multiple times is better than never saying it at all. I'm ready to do something. Bring it on, world.


Happy Saturday! It's the weekend, yay! We're heading to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery tonight to watch Cinespia's screening of Wet Hot American Summer, and I'm stoked, because I love summer camp, and I love movies in the cemetery, and today is a good day. Adios, amigos.

P.S. I know I outlined the rules above, but seriously, take the time to watch her talk. Also, read this interview with Tina from The Great Discontent. In.spir.a.tion.