Introducing: Ebb & Flow Photography!

So remember that one time I had to change the name of my photography business right after I started it? I know, I know, it only happened a couple of weeks ago, but I have been chomping at the bit to get the ball rolling and turn this into a venture that can sustain me, both monetarily and soul...etarily..., and in order to do that, having a name is kind of vital.

Unfortunately, it turns out a lot of other people in this world are photographers, and a lot of those photographers already claimed a lot of the names that were tickling my fancy. Bastards. I am very impatient, so the lack of name availability was really getting me down, until, by a random stroke of luck, I got sick earlier this week, and had to take Monday and Tuesday off. Instead of moaning about my stuffy nose and missing out on money, both of which I do fairly well, I decided to take it as an opportunity to finally get a new name nailed down, once and for all.

After several hours of off-and-on g-chat (Gmail chat, for those of you who are, like, so out of the loop) brainstorming with my fellow creative and BFFZ, Caitlin, who happens to have branding experience (and an incredible amount of fashion knowledge to boot; I have the most talented friends), we had it narrowed down to a few words and concepts that I really liked; ones that embodied how I want my photography, business, and life to feel. But everything we came up with was taken.

Tuesday was waning, and I was beginning to feel desperate, stalled, stuck, etc., and I expressed my woes to Caitlin. She started spewing out all of the words we had thought of, rapid-fire style, and then, just as she was starting to slow down, she said "ebb and flow". We had been toying around with the idea of "flow", which I'll explain in a second, but that was (all together now!) taken, so I had written it off. But with the addition of "ebb" to the name, I suddenly felt a zing of inspiration. I played around with it in my head, visualizing what logos would look like, if it was easy to say, if it made sense, etc., and after a few minutes, I still liked it. I shared it with a few friends, to feel out if it was marketable and appealing, and I got a resounding thumbs up. I wrote it down on a piece of paper, let it simmer in my brain overnight, and when I woke up in the morning, I still felt the same. Excellent.

So, without further ado*, I present to you (cue the drums, trumpets, this song, etc.):

Ebb & Flow Photography!!!

Celebratory fireworks


What it all comes down to is this: I have a lot of grandiose ideas for this life of mine, and this photography business is only a slice of that. Some of the things I love the most are the ocean, beach culture, nature, sunshine, and - wait for it - the ebb and flow of life (regardless of how the latter might make me want to tear my hair out from time to time). I want my photographs to express the things that I love and the joy that they bring me, and I also want them to express those same concepts as they apply to the people and objects and places I am pointing my camera at. There is much, much more to come in this chapter of my life, and this final (oh god, please let it be final) name is the period and double space that bumps me over to the next page. I am so excited. And I hope you are too. 

I have a good feeling about this one.

Happy Thursday!

*Okay, a little further ado: Looking back, I've realized that item #3 in my list of things I've learned thus far about starting a small business was "Make sure you actually like the name you choose, and that you will continue to like it forever." (implying that you should probably let the name settle for more than a few days before declaring it your ultimate love). I still think that is very true, and when I chose my name so quickly this second time around, I had a bit of hesitation, because I didn't want to - for lack of a better phrase - blow my wad. I ultimately came to the conclusion that I have been trying to figure out a name for quite a few months now, and this name is the first one (that I could actually have) that really resonated with me. I know my vibe, and I know what motivates me and makes me happy, and at the end of the day, there's only so much thinking and waiting you can really do before you drive yourself crazy. Could there be a better name out there for me? Sure, just like there could be a better boyfriend or career or place to live. But right now, my biggest priority is forward motion. I am FEELING it, lately. I am brimming with plans, and like I said, I have a good feeling about this. Small Business Lesson of the Day #4: trust yo' gut.  =]