Starting a Photography Business

Hey, guess what?

Starting a small business is kind of hard.

This is not news to me or anything, but after spending almost this entire weekend at my computer, staring at different articles and worksheets and trying to organize a doable plan for actually getting my shit together, it's really begun to sink in: in order to do this whole photography business thing, I actually have to DO it. I started writing a game plan last night (I literally named it GAME PLAN, in all caps), and I'm going to keep adding to it as I go. First order of business: get me a business license, a DBA (Doing Business As), and a seller's permit. I think this'll be an interesting journey to immortalize on my blog, so you can look forward to continuing updates about all that jazz.

Hooray for doing things with my life!

To the right, you can see my go-to hooray/content/happily modest face.
And to the left is Elena's "Rachel, I'm not so sure about that..." face.
These frequently occur at the same time when we're together. Just kidding. Kind of. 
Lastly, I invite you to check out my new photography web site that I created this past weekend. It's hosted by a web site named Jux, and it's FREE, but it still looks pretty and professional! I love it when that happens.

Check it out here!

Happy, happy Monday!