Toby's Already Asleep

On our last trip to Colorado (pictures coming tomorrow), Toby and I inadvertently started a tradition in the form of photos and a repetitive phrase: Toby's already asleep

It all began when, after ten or so minutes on the road (I was driving, Toby was in the passenger seat), I looked over, and Toby had already passed out. This is a fairly common occurrence in our relationship, whether it be during a movie, on a short drive somewhere, or in the middle of a conversation in bed. So I whipped out my phone during a lull in traffic movement (we had the audacity to think we could leave during rush hours in LA and make good time) and snapped a photo of him, sending it to Instagram with the caption, "Ten minutes on the road, and Toby's already asleep". 

I chuckled to myself as people "liked" and commented on it on Facebook, and Toby thought it was pretty funny too, so when we stopped at Subway for dinner and the line was taking a long time, he suggested that we take a picture of him sleeping at Subway and post it online too. 

Ten minutes at Subway, and Toby's already asleep. 
From there, it snowballed into being the theme of our trip; anywhere we thought of it, particularly if it was somewhere no one in their right mind would fall asleep, we took a picture of Toby sleeping.

Ten minutes behind the wheel, and Toby's already asleep.
(Shhh, he was really driving when I took this, don't tell my mom!) 

Ten minutes on the observation deck at the top of a mountain, and Toby's already asleep. 
We got a pretty good reaction from our friends and family and people with like-minded humor, so we decided to make a little Tumblr out of it, just for funsies. Because, naturally, that's the next step in the progression of photos and jokes these days, right? Also, I'm an organization/control freak (a messy, unorganized one...but we'll talk about that some other time), so I wanted a place besides Facebook to keep them all there, in order, for us to show our kids someday so we can prove to them how cool and hip and with it we were when we were young. 

So check out Toby's Already Asleep on Tumblr; follow it, share it, etc.! Or just look at it and laugh and/or think it's a ridiculous use of someone's time. I'll love you either way. 

Happy Tuesday, fizzles.