I Can't Get No Satisfaction

This weekend, it has been made abundantly clear to me several times that I am incredibly hard to please. No matter how busy I am or how much fun I'm having, I'm always wishing for bigger and better. It's easy to justify that mindset if I'm having a slothful, unproductive week, but this weekend I went to a movie screening in the cemetery, attended an improv show, lunched with friends, explored a flea market, walked around our neighborhood for two hours with Toby, and went to a Labor Day pool party. So when I still heard myself saying, "I just wish we could be doing something really exciting!", I realized there's no longer any denying it: I can't get no satisfaction. 

On one hand, I consider my constant need for improvement and excitement and innovation to be a good thing; it means I am always striving for the best, both in my personal life and in my work. But everything in moderation, right? To never be content with my surroundings or what I am doing is to never be fully present, which is one of the foundations of a happy life. I want a happy life, obviously, so being content is something I really need to work on. 

In my opinion, wanting more is a product of thinking about what you want your future to look like, and then deciding screw that, I want it right now! I have high hopes for my future. I plan on being able to see the world, to have mind-blowing, life-altering experiences on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I don't have the money, the time, or the job freedom to do any of that yet. And that's okay. But since there's nothing I can change about my current situation (curse you, lack of control!) I need to stop despairing my "oh-so-boring" life, and instead embrace and cherish my life as it is now: kind of messy, completely up in the air, and full of as many cheap activities (and cheap wine) as I can get my hands on. And in the meantime, I need to keep those hopes for my future in the back of my mind as motivation for working hard and being fulfilled, right here, right now. Because if I spend too much time wishing I could skip the next five years and cut right to having an amazing, successful life, pretty soon I'll be thirty-going-on-thirty-one (eek!), and I'll be exactly where I am right now: still wishing.

I'd be curious to hear what others think about this. Do you find yourself wanting more to the point of being discontent in your daily life, or do you have any habits or gratitude practices that help keep you centered and focused? 


Here are a few photos from the screening of Dirty Dancing in the cemetery I went to on Saturday (we had a Girls Night, and it was so much fun) - I only snapped a few photos of the post-movie-in-front-of-the-projector dancing that occurred, because I was having too much fun to take out my camera earlier.

dirty dancing cinespia

dirty dancing cinespia

dirty dancing cinespia
There was a girl wearing a white t-shirt standing directly where Jennifer Grey's face was on the project during this scene
dirty dancing cinespia
I thought this one was really cool - see the way the light cuts around the silhouettes? 
Happy Tuesday!

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