As I sit here preparing to write a blog post, I am doing everything within my power not to write. Activities I have pursued in the past ten minutes include but are not limited to: checking Twitter every minute to make sure I am not missing any recent updates, doing the same for my Facebook and Google Reader feeds, deciding I am finally going to contribute to hitRECord and opening up two blank contribution forms and then letting them sit there like I did this blank post draft, going to the fridge to get another piece of cheese, going to the bathroom, connecting my camera to the computer to upload photos (which I know will actually make my computer go slower), going out to the dining room to see how Toby is liking the book he's reading, and then going on Facebook again (for more detailed instructions on how to not write a blog post, click here).

Do you think that we, as a society, are truly aware of how much time we waste, or do you suppose we're all just so used to multitasking and drowning in information that we hardly even notice it any more? I mean, I know that we talk about it a lot, but I feel like if we really took the time to count up our wasted moments, we'd be shocked and make some lifestyle changes...right? Maybe not. Even on days when I consider myself to be productive, I still spend a good hour or two surfing the internet. What would happen if we actually stopped following all of those people on Twitter and obsessively clicking around on Facebook and used those precious seconds, minutes, and hours to DO SOMETHING, anything, that pushes our creativity and our purpose and our lives forward?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately; I think I'm coming down with a case of acute technologitis. I'll never go cold turkey, because I am a media whore, but there may be some cutting back in my future. I already un-followed about 30 people on Twitter this afternoon, on a whim. It felt good. To me, digital purging feels just as good as physical purging (of things, not stomach contents). Making more space on my hard drive gives me a rush of endorphins. Of course, even that is a form of procrastination. Hell, even this blog post is a form of procrastination.

Happy 6:32pm Pacific Standard Time!

P.S. Totes originally misspelled "technologitis" in the title of this post. Although...can you misspell a made up word? I can. Because I am that much of a perfectionist.