Fairy Tales for Twentysomethings

Being a twenty-something can be rough, but at least we have witty blogs to get us through the day. Much thanks to Kezia for showing me Fairy Tales for Twentysomethings. Seriously, what with binders full of women, exotic words, and Toby sleeping (shameless plug), the internet is on FIRE lately. Or at least Tumblr is.

The tortoise and the hare met for coffee. They each casually mentioned their recent successes, secretly hoping to appear better than the other. As they walked their separate ways home it hit them at the same time: There never was a race. There is no destination. There is no winner.

cinderella was working on a photography project she hoped would get her some attention so she could convince her stepmother it wasn’t crazy for her to chase after her dreams. but no magazines or websites were really that interested in her work.

finally, one night, she wrote a note to herself in her journal: stop waiting for other people’s permission, cinderella. follow your heart and don’t look back.

chicken little knew she was supposed to be in a good mood while out with her friends, but she just didn’t feel it. she had this certainty that something was wrong even though she couldn’t name what it was. then she started going to therapy and realized all these things about her childhood she’d never thought of in that way. she also started doing hot yoga.

The crazy thing is that eventually even Alice began to doubt whether what she’d seen down the rabbit hole had ever really existed. And it didn’t make her sad, there was nothing overly dramatic about it, it was just that now she understood how the world actually worked.

But then she was tagged in a photo by an old friend, by the White Rabbit. It was a faded picture of her and the Cheshire Cat, and, wow, it just brought her right back.

So there you go, a few little modern fairy tales for your Friday. Happy weekending!

All photos and captions via http://fairytalesfor20somethings.tumblr.com/