Snail Male Giveaway: Updated

Frankie & Rock 'N Roll the snails. Names courtesy of D&L =]

Remember my post about snail mail from last week? The offer (receiving a fun little something from me via snail mail) was originally only open to bloggers who were willing to re-blog the offer and spread the love. And that'll still happen. But I also got a few comments from people who don't have blogs, and it made me sad that I couldn't send anything to them...until I realized that I totally can send something to them. Screw the rules! I'm going rogue. 

So here's the deal: if you desire a random piece of snail mail that isn't a credit card offer or a bill, you only have to do two things: leave a comment below, and then send an email with your address to @ (minus the spaces, obviously). That's it! And I promise that whatever I end up sending, it'll be a surprise. Mostly because it'll probably take awhile for me to send stuff out, so you'll have totally forgotten about it! Unexpected gifts in the mail are the best. 

And if you're a blogger who didn't see this or didn't feel like participating before, feel free to join in on the fun!