Steve Larson's Debut Album Needs Your Help!

Hi blogosphere! I'm stopping in quick today to ask for your help on behalf of a friend and his very talented father.

My friend Nick and his dad, Steve, along with a whole bucketload of super gifted friends and family, have been working incredibly hard this past year to make Steve's first musical album. 

First, let's take a moment to look at how cute they were (and still are, of course). Who wouldn't want to help out those adorable faces?

Okay, now that I've tugged at your heartstrings, here's what Nick has to say about the project:

"A few years ago, my dad, Steve Larson, emailed me a rough demo recording of a song he had written called Big Green Boat. It was a fun tune--had a cool groove, and the kind of catchy chorus that gets stuck in your head for days.

I figured it was just a one-time thing, but he kept sending me songs. Song after song after song after song. And they were good.

Today, nearly three years later, Steve Larson is in the process of putting the finishing touches on his debut album. He has always been a poet and a musician, but until recently, hadn’t combined the crafts. The resulting synthesis, I am thrilled to say, makes for an adventurously eclectic record, tapping into roots as diverse as celtic, classic rock, funk, jazz, bluegrass, and beer hall sing-a-longs.

...Until this point, the record has been entirely self-financed. But making an album of this scope is an expensive endeavor, and we need your help to complete it. Your contribution will go directly to funding the rest of our costs: studio time for vocal sessions, background vocalists, artwork, mixing, mastering, and cd duplication.

From the beginning, the record has been an exciting collaboration of family and friends. One of the main reasons we decided to use Kickstarter was because we loved the idea that our Kickstarter campaign, like this record, will also be a collaboration - calling in even more people who truly care about the project.

Your help and support will be invaluable to us as we put the finishing touches on Steve Larson's debut album, and every single contribution will make a difference."

Please take a moment to check out the video below, and then head over to their Kickstarter page and give what you can. Like Nick said, every single contribution makes a difference - help Steve share his music with the world!

Thanks for your time, friends! You're the best. Happy Thursday!