Welp, that's over. I'm not one to get political on my blog, because I know that political talk can create negative and disharmonious feelings, which I hate, but I just have to say: yay. I said it a lot louder on my Facebook and my Twitter (many apologies for those of you that had to put up with multiple instances of caps lock and exclamation points), but I'll say it quietly on here as well; not to rub salt in any wounds or to incite an angry debate, but rather to celebrate the upholding of what I believe are wonderful hopes and dreams and ideals and beliefs. yay. Let's work together now, people. I believe in this country - I believe in what we can do together. Yay 'Merica. 

This was my Facebook profile picture after the election in 2008,
and I love that I was just able to make it my profile picture again. 
Does anyone else feel like they can finally breathe again? I feel like doing some spring cleaning or something. Thank goodness for another election cycle ending. Onward and upward.

Happy Wednesday!