Rachel Rhodes: Heartland

I have so many friends that I could spend hours bragging about, you guys. I don't know how I came to be so blessed to have so many talented people in my life. Today I'd like to tell you about my friend Rachel, and why you should proooobably pre-order her new album, Heartland, right now.

Rachel and I went to college together in a little town in Iowa. We were part of the same "cluster" (thirteen girls living in seven rooms, sharing one common area and one bathroom with TWO showers, and TWO toilets, eek), and we shared a love of sitting around, eating and watching trashy television, and being natural blonde beauties. Plus we shared the same name, so, of course, we were instant soul mates.

Rachel is the kind of happy, sweet, hilarious girl that anyone would be lucky to be friends with. Sadly, college ended and we went our separate ways. This past year, I almost convinced her to move to Los Angeles, but she ended up going to Nashville to pursue her dream of being an epic country music star. And let me tell you: she is well on her way to making that happen. I was consistently impressed with her singing abilities at school - she was always humming and singing, no matter what she was doing - and when her web site went live a few months ago and I got to listen to her own music, that she wrote, sang, and poured her heart into, she re-wowed me with her talent.

I not at all a fan of country music, but I find myself going back to her site just to listen to her songs and get them stuck in my head. She's gone a long way from belting out songs in the cluster shower; now she gets to belt them into a microphone and show the world what she can do. I'm so proud to call her my friend. 


Watch out, Taylor Swift.

Check out Rachel's web site and listen to some of her music here, like her on Facebook here, and most importantly, pre-order her new album here. If you pre-order before Christmas, you will receive a free download of the debut single when it releases (over a week before the album comes out!).

Happy Friday!