Recipe: Strawberry Santas

So apparently I like being crafty with food. Who knew?

Remember my Oreo turkeys? Well, they inspired me, as turkeys made of junk food are wont to do. Saddened by the end of Thanksgiving, I decided to focus my energies on the holiday season. With so many food options swirling around out there on Pinterest, it was a tough decision, but I finally landed on something simple and delicious: strawberry Santas

I've come to the conclusion that while cooking is a good time, and I usually enjoy the end result, right now I'm at a stage in my life where food construction is really more my thing. It's an activity that involves no timers, little to no heat (if you're doing it right), and can generally be done on a coffee table whilst watching television. 

For instance, I made the above beauties while watching Duck Dynasty, which, up until that time, I had never seen before. So it was a doubly whammy of new experiences! If I had had to be in the kitchen sticking things in the oven and sizzling (technical term) other things on the stovetop, there's no way I would have been as visually and mentally delighted as I was while watching millionaire duck-whistle makers chop watermelons with samurai swords while sporting epic facial hair. 

I digress. My point is that these things are really easy to make, and they are really, really easy to eat, so you can't go wrong. 

Uncertain Santa

I found the recipe here, but I'll give you the basic rundown: 

Ingredients: cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla, chocolate sprinkles, and strawberries

Tools: a knife (preferably a paring knife or something skinny enough to cut small holes in the strawberries), a platter/plate of some sort, paper towels, a plastic Ziploc baggy, and some scissors

1 :: Wash the strawberries and cut the green tops off and discard. Then cut the pointy end of the strawberry off and set it aside. Using the skinny/paring knife, cut little round holes into the middle of the strawberry - this is where you will be putting the cream cheese frosting. Make sure that you're cutting the hole on the side you just cut the pointy end off of (I emphasize this because I started out cutting the wrong side both times I did this project). Do this with all of the strawberries.

2 :: Mix the powdered sugar, vanilla, and cream cheese together in a bowl. There were no amounts listed in the original recipe, which I took to mean that I could add very liberal amounts of powdered sugar, and that would be okay. (It was okay. It was very okay. Yum.) 

3 :: Once everything is mixed to your satisfaction, spoon the cream cheese concoction into the plastic baggy and seal it shut. Snip off a corner of the plastic bag. This will be your piping bag (disclaimer: I did not know what a "piping bag" was until two weeks ago). 

4 :: Using the piping bag, squeeze the frosting into all of the round holes in the strawberries. Use as much or as little as you want. Set the pointy end of the strawberry on top of the frosting, and then add a white fluffy thing on top and a white fluffy button on the tummy, if you so desire. I did desire, and it ended up being pretty cute. 

5 :: Add chocolate sprinkles for eyes (and mouths, if you're feeling adventurous). Commence oohing and aahing, because you now have a little plateful of delectable, adorable little cartoonish Santa Clauses. 

6 :: Eat ASAP, or if you need to wait awhile, refrigerate, because they'll start to get a little melty otherwise. Really though, just eat ASAP. And AMAP (As Many As Possible). 

You can also go the small child route and DOUSE them in colored sprinkles.

Preschooler edition
Kindergartner edition
I made these with D&L, and they were a hit. The laughter and screams of glee that occurred when I showed them what we were going to make are indescribable. I was actually very surprised at how excited they were. L kept telling me that each step was "the best part". They loved it. 

So, fun for the whole family. And you will not be able to stop eating them.

And thus concludes another episode of Rachel Plays With Her Food.

Happy Santa-ing!