The Bisch Family

Since moving out to California, I have started getting to know my extended family better than ever before. You'd think this wouldn't be the case, since 90% of my family is located in the Midwest, but since leaving the bubble, I've learned that us outliers are sort of drawn to each other, perhaps in a subconscious effort to form new little bubbles of our own here on the West Coast.

Most of my relatives out here are on my dad's side of the family; people scattered all over the country that I haven't spent much time with throughout my life, and people I have been so extremely grateful to finally get to know. Recently, however, my (second? third?) cousin Grace, from my mom's side, contacted me over Facebook. She told me that she had just moved to southern California a few months earlier, and she was wondering if I would like to connect and take some photos of her and her family. I, of course, said yes. It had been many, many years since I had last seen Grace, and it was so fun to get together and meet her kids and her husband. And what a friggin' adorable family, seriously. We wandered around the playground and beach, playing and wave jumping, and only getting a leeeetle bit wet in the process.

Honestly though, my favorite part? Working with this little model in the making:

Girlfriend can POUT!

Spoiler alert: we got her to smile in the end. =]

And now, without further ado, the Bisch family!

I had such a wonderful day, and I'm looking forward to spending more time with these guys in the future.

Happy Monday!

Told ya!

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