Freakin' Weekend

manhattan beach

“Make your surroundings a metaphor for who you are.” George Lois

Happy Friday, friends! It's raining here in LA right now, so the above photo is a bit deceiving, but the weather was that b-e-a-ooootiful just five days ago, so I couldn't help but share. 

My weekend is going to consist of business meetings, surprise parties (ssshhh), jeans-buying (because my last pair ripped over two months ago and I still haven't gotten around to buying more), and hopefully a Malibu hike, come rain or shine. 

I leave you with a few links of things I've been diggin' over the past...five months. That's right, it's been five months since I did my last Diggin' post. Consistency is not a strength of mine. 

:: Matt Damon kidnapped Jimmy Kimmel and took over hosting his show, and marry me, Matt Damon.

:: Speaking of Jason Bourne, here's an interview he did with Playboy that I really enjoyed. 

:: NSFW: this is now my homepage. 

:: Cabin porn.

:: This is SO cute. I hope that's what I'm doing in 40-50 years. 

:: Love is a temporary madness.

:: An interview with Judd Apatow. I have such a crush on the entire Apatow-Mann clan. 

:: Tina Fey on why she thinks NBC is heading the wrong direction with their comedy. I was really happy when I read this, because I feel exactly the same way. 

:: A bit belated, but: John Steinbeck on the Christmas in America

:: Amazing wood flooring

:: Is the pursuit of happiness a bunch of bullshit?

:: Set boundaries and get shit done.

:: A gorgeous song, perfect for a rainy day.