I Love Lamp

A couple of days ago, my life changed forever. 

Toby and I are not the most avid decorators. It's not that we lack the creativity; we have lots of great ideas, it's just our follow through that could use some work. As a result, our apartment is rather...sparse. Most of our walls are blank, we don't have a lot of personal items or knick-knacks creatively displayed on cute white shelves. Hell, we only got around to getting a coffee table about two months ago (before that, we used two chairs from our dining room table as TV trays), and even that only happened because we saw one sitting on the curb one day and said, "Sure, why not?".

For the most part, I'm pretty laid back about the lack of furnishings; I figure we'll find our groove once we finally move into a place with a little more permanence than our current abode. But one thing has been driving me crazy lately, and that is the ambience of our bedroom at night. I am the Ambience Queen. I choose restaurants based solely on their atmosphere. Fluorescent lights and wobbly tables with chocolate chip cookie dough-looking tile on the floor? Noooo thank you. I need mood lighting, baby. And our bedroom on its own has awful mood lighting. During the day it's actually the prettiest area of the apartment; the natural light is a dream. But the second that sun sets and I have to turn on the ceiling light, I get all cringey inside, because I feel like I am stuck in a department store with no escape. Then, a few months ago, one of the three light bulbs on the ceiling light went out. A month later, another one died. This meant that we were down to one tiny little light bulb; not only was our bedroom at night a department store, but it was a department store with bad lighting.

That's a double bad lighting situation, folks.

Before you tell me that a good solution to the whole thing would have been to just buy more light bulbs, stop right there. I am not a stupid person. I know these things. But that's not that point. The point is that one light bulb or three light bulbs, our room was still super depressing at night.

Enter: The Lamp.

$30 at Target later, our room is transformed. Not only does it feel like a bedroom, it also makes me excited to read a book in bed before I go to sleep! I turn it on, and the room glows! It's like magic! It's just like the old days in my bedroom at home, or in college. Because yes, it has been more than three years since I have had a bedside lamp.

The amount of excited jigging that occurred when it got dark and I turned this lamp on was pretty incredible (Toby wants me to note that I was the one doing the weird dancing, not him). I am so happy right now, you guys. Everything seems brighter (literally). 

Happy Wednesday. Make sure to give your lamps a hug today. They're doing good work out there.