Behind The Scenes // 3

I have oh so many fun shots to share with you today, courtesy of many sessions scattered throughout the past few months!

Life has been one big learning experience lately, which is both good and bad; uncertainty and growth are walking hand in hand in front of me, and I'm following whether I like it or not, like a little kid trailing behind her parents down the sidewalk. I want to move forward, but my brain is fighting like a mad(wo)man to keep me in my comfort zone.

It's been a struggle for me to attend and be present at every new session and meeting and experience, and that struggle doesn't come from a lack of wanting to be a part of them, but simply from being aware that I don't necessarily know what I'm doing, and that could mean I let someone down or do something wrong, which is But as I learn to embrace the fear, I've gotten better at reminding myself that nothing is the end of the world, not even failure (unless you're like, a nuclear bomb maker who accidentally presses the wrong button or a space expert who fails to notice a massive incoming meteor). I might mess up, but there's always tomorrow, and I've gotta learn somehow. Everyone has to deal with the learning curve, even perfectionists.

Happy Friday!