Headshots // Amy & Julie

Hello friends! I have a fun announcement to make: I have decided to try my hand at headshot and portrait photography! My current nanny and personal assistant gig is coming to an end this week, and instead of letting myself stress out about potentially not having a job for awhile, I have decided instead to charge ahead and create my own job! Here in Los Angeles, there is no shortage of people who need headshots for whatever kind of career they're pursuing, and luckily I love spending time with people and taking pictures of them, so it's a perfect combination. 

I've been doing lots of free sessions to get some practice and build up my portfolio, and I'm going to start charging soon. Having gone into this knowing absolutely nothing about headshots, these sessions have been great learning experiences, and I feel like I'm already a million times better than I was even a month ago. 

I've finally started to get around to editing all of the sessions I've done, and I thought I'd share my first attempt with you today. I took these over a month ago, and in the spirit of honesty, I really struggled during this session. I've always strongly disliked not being able to be super good at something right away, so it's easy for me to get frustrated and down on myself if something isn't perfect from the get-go. I didn't even want to look at the pictures at first, because I was sure I would hate them. I couldn't seem to get the lighting or angles right, and my bad attitude was definitely not working on my favor. 

But I pushed through, and at the end of the day, I was actually very pleased with the results. I got over my self-esteem issues, and when I actually got the photos onto the computer, I liked them a lot. Being able to cull and edit my photos always gets me inspired, and it didn't hurt that I was working with two gorgeous girls who made the job even easier. 

Amy (with the curly hair) is a model and actress who is looking to build up her portfolio, and Julie is my friend Sarah's future sister-in-law who just came along for the ride and was nice enough to let me photograph her. 

All hair and makeup was once again done by my lovely friend Kelly of Kelly Martin Makeup.

If you're in Los Angeles and are looking for inexpensive, quality headshots and/or portraits in a fun and friendly environment, shoot me an email at existational.life@gmail.com.