Life Lately

When Toby and I moved to Los Angeles, we didn't really have a plan. Toby knew that he wanted to pursue acting, I knew that I wanted to ditch winter and live near the ocean, and that was about it. We came west with a carload of our stuff, lived on our friends' floor for a week, and found an apartment way more quickly than I ever expected, followed by jobs about a month later. Everything worked out for us, and the funny thing was that I, Rachel, the eternal Type-A over-thinker, never had any worries that it would be any other way. I felt a sense of calm about the whole matter that I usually have to do hours of yoga and deep breathing exercises to achieve otherwise.

A year and a half later, Toby and I are still at those same jobs. We've nestled into life here; we have good friends, favorite restaurants and bars, and when it comes to getting from Point A to Point B, we can channel the characters from the SNL skit The Californians with the best of them. We're pretty settled (as settled as you can be in LA), except...okay, I lied about one thing: last week, my job ended. It was a no-hard-feelings affair and an unofficial ending, because I'll still be working for them from time to time, but because I'm not working regular hours any more, my schedule just got a whooole lot more open and the amount of guaranteed dolla bills in my wallet just got a whooole lot smaller. 

Surprisingly, I've remained fairly calm about all of this as well. As it turns out, I'm more likely to freak out about unknowns and the possibility of bad circumstances than I am when those circumstances actually exist right in front of me. Since I'm in the middle of this situation, I can do something about it, which is empowering and helps me to stave off my worries. That's not to say I'm free of stress or anxiety; I'm just trying to channel those emotions into productivity and taking action. I've already drummed up another occasional personal assistant job that will hopefully snowball into something more, and I've been able to snag some photography gigs around LA as well as schedule trips home to get do some photography sessions with friends and family there. I'm remaining firmly optimistic that this is a good step in my life - a forced motivator that will propel me forward and make me face some of my fears that have been keeping me from growing my business as quickly as I would like to. I've already started jumping into the unknown with a little more zeal the past couple of weeks, with some positive results. 


My friend Liz and four of her friends - all young breast cancer survivors who met at a conference a few years ago and have been getting together for a girls' weekend every year since - were in Los Angeles for Memorial Day Weekend, and I got the chance to hang out with them and get to know them all a bit. Their strength and resilience is, of course, inspiring, and they were so much fun to hang out with; we saw Clueless at Cinespia in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, hiked up to the Hollywood sign, and explored Malibu. I always love having a reason to show off LA and play tour guide, and it was good to get out and remember why I love living here, even in the midst of this transitional part of my life. 

The highlight of my weekend: Liz and I went to Richard Simmons' workout class in Beverly Hills, got our pictures taken with him and got free signed t-shirts. The most unexpected and random things happen when I have visitors in town, and I LOVE it. Pictures to come of this experience - Liz has the photos on her camera.

Hope all's well in everyone's corner of the world! Here's to keepin' on keepin' on and embracing change. Happy Thursday!