So This Is Christmas

Toby and I are in the Midwest to visit his new baby nephew for the weekend, and this is what I woke up to this morning (reminder: it is May 3rd):

First of all, you should know that even by Minnesota standards, this is incredibly weird. I don't recall it ever snowing at this time of year before.

That being said, last weekend I was doing this in Los Angeles...

...and this weekend I am doing this in Minnesota:

I'm not saying, but I AM JUST SAYING.

However, I'm not actually that upset, because unlike everyone in the Midwest, I haven't had to deal with never-ending winter for the past six months. This is actually kind of a treat; a break in the 90-degree weather and constant sunshine we've been having in California (grumble grumble). Also, I just got a campfire mocha from Caribou Coffee this morning, so everything's just dandy in my world. =]

Still, though:

This is my "WTF" Face combined with a Sassy Hip Jut.

Also, I believe this is my first ever mirror selfie taken with a DSLR.

Never-ending winter makes me do crazy things. 

I never thought it'd be appropriate to wear this outfit in May. 

Happy weekend! Stay warm out there.