Exploration: Bart's Books

While in Ojai a few months ago, Toby and I happened upon a lovely little outdoor shop named Bart's Books. We had heard rumors of its delightful-ness before our trip, and you know how sometimes you get your hopes up about something and then it doesn't even come near to meeting your expectations? Bart's Books will not do that to you. 

I felt like I had entered some kind of wonderful, sunshiney paradise that you only see in indie movies and wealthy-artsy-people blogs. It was picturesque, filled with cute nooks and hidden alleys, stacked with books of all shapes and sizes. Each genre had its own section; science fiction was appropriately tucked away in its own shadowy, mysterious corner, while classic literature was in a room that smelled like a library and housed glass cases for old, untouchable objects. There were benches and chairs and tables scattered throughout, basking in the sunshine and just begging me to come sit and read for hours. It made my soul happy. Needless to say, Toby and I left with a giant stack o' books each.

And of course I took pictures, but as is usually the case, they don't do it justice. You'll just have to go see it for yourself sometime (when you do, bring me with you).

Happy weekend!