Shannan, Stephanie, and Alexa have been best friends for years, and it shows. Their obvious love for each other shines through every interaction and word, as well as their never-ending jokes and laughter, which made this photographer's job incredibly easy when I did a photo session with them a couple of weeks ago. I've decided to make this post a mix of regular and behind the scenes photos, because there was such a blurred line between the two during this session (aka: it was awesome).

These girls decided to make the trek to Southern California at the same time two years ago (coincidentally, only a couple of weeks after Toby and I moved out here); Shannan and her husband Matt ended up in LA, while Stephanie and Alexa found jobs in San Diego. They still see each other often, and they've been wanting to do a session for awhile now, to showcase their new found California Girl-dom and their lives out here together. I had such a blast with them! It was a super fun dynamic to work with, since I'm so used to shooting couples and families. Thanks for a fantastic experience, ladies!