Fourth O'July

(Below: Toby and I got a GoPro camera for Christmas, and we hadn't used it yet, so Toby decided to bring it along for the pool party. The boys were more than happy to oblige him - videos to come.) 

We celebrated 4th of July with a good, old-fashioned pool party at our friend Jenne's house. Lots of friends, food, drinks, and merriment occurred, and I didn't even get a sunburn! At the end of the day we tried to drive up into the mountains to see all of the fireworks going off in the basin, but all we could see were tiiiiiny fireworks just barely coming up high enough over the hills to be in our line of vision.

It was a super fun, relaxing day. And it actually felt like summertime, which is hard to achieve in a land where every day feels and looks like summer.

Happy 4th!