The Minneapolites

While visiting and rediscovering your love for Minneapolis during the summer, can you imagine a better way to spend your time than taking pictures for a group of girls who blog about their love of Minneapolis all year round? I can't.

The Minneapolites are four fabulous ladies - Kristin, Elizabeth, Sam and Sarah - who write about "how to live well in Minneapolis, and on the cheap"; they blog about the best places to eat and shop, as well as great activity and lifestyle ideas. It's Minneapolis lovin' done right.

Kristin was a coworker of mine when I still lived in the Twin Cities, and she reached out to me about doing a session while I was at home last week. I'm so glad she did; it was fantastic to hang out with these four and visit some of their favorite spots around Minneapolis to snap some photos for their blog. They have a wonderful energy, and the conversation flowed effortlessly - also, have you seen four more stylish women? They rocked it in front of the camera.

Keep up the great work, Minneapolites, and thanks for such a fun session!

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