Exploration: Bahston

Last month, Toby and I took a trip to Massachusetts for his cousin's wedding. We got a lot of exploring in, but surprisingly, I didn't use my camera a lot. I guess I shouldn't necessarily say it was surprising, though; I often go through phases where I rebel against feeling like I "need" to be taking pictures. It's a silly inner battle that I'm constantly fighting. The Battle of the Should. I am a photographer, so I should want to take lots of photos of our trip. I have a nice camera that I enjoy using, so I should take photos to record and share with other people. That kind of stuff. Of course, no one else cares but me. 

Anyway, I digress. I did manage to take my camera out for a couple of jaunts around downtown Boston, as well as during our trip to Salem, which I'll share in another blog post. Boston ended up being more or less what I was expecting: lots of green, old buildings and houses, and the crazy drivers that Toby had warned me about. It was pretty cool to think about all of the history that surrounded us as we walked around; so much new mixed with the old, a juxtaposition of modern day life and our country's past. The photo below of the tiny, brick Old State House amidst towering skyscrapers next to the black and white picture of the Union Oyster House is a perfect example of this. 

I was a BIG fan of Boston's North End. So many cute restaurants and buildings. If I were to move to Boston, that area is definitely where I would want to find an apartment (which, of course, means that it's probably one of the most expensive areas to live). 

It was a super fun trip. It was nice to experience some rain, although the humidity was brutal, and we had a fantastic time at the wedding and hanging out with Toby's extended family. I finally met a lot of people Toby's been talking about since we started dating, and I got to know everyone a lot better.  Good times were had by all.

(Oh, and we also visited Cambridge/Harvard, so there are couple of pictures of that scattered around this post as well.)

Toby's uncle an cousins stayed in an apartment in this enclosed alleyway for the weekend - it was like it's own city street, but cut off from the hustle and bustle of the actual street on the other side of the wall. It was the kind of setting that inspires the kid in me to sit down and write stories. 

I love whoever owns this car.


See what I mean? Can you spot the Old State House? Such a weird, awesome combination of architecture.

The whole gang eating dinner at Hard Rock Cafe

Half of my pictures from this trip were probably of this little guy, Jackson. I decided that all stuffed animals were modeled after him. He is small and adorable and the best part about him is that his tongue is too big for his mouth, so the tip of it is constantly sticking out (see below). Favorite. 

Happy Friday!