Exploration: Salem

While spending time in Massachusetts for Toby's cousin's wedding, we went on an adventure out to Salem. Beautiful weather, combined with a super fun group of people and the coastal, small-town scenery made for a perfect trip. The day consisted of witches (duh), graveyards,off-handed throwing contests, exposure to black cats, and nose-picking. Yes, nose-picking. 

"It's my fault, really", she said to herself as she took the picture. "I'm the one who chose to date him."

Stonewall Jackson. Get it? Get it?

Off (and both)-handed throwing contests = super sexy photos.

On the left, the Heritage Trail in Salem; on the right, the Freedom Trail in Boston. We spent a lot of time following trails, which gave me lots of time to think about the human condition, and how much like sheep we can be. Deep Thoughts with Rachel Jackson. 

Happy Sunday!