Pool Party, Baby

What are a bunch of twenty-and-thirty-somethings to do when their friend's boss is gone for the weekend and offers her pool up for use? 

Drop everything, hop in the car, and drive straight over, of course. 

Something you should understand about my friends: they are special bunch. Especially those of the penis persuasion. Get us together, and you will be transported back to the days of junior high, when no amount of awkward weirdness was off limits (even if you wanted it to be), and shenanigans abound. This was a day of jumping over things into the water, making up pool games, and eating ridiculous amounts of snacks. 

Considering how busy all of us are most of the time, it was nice for so many people to be able to get together at the same time to enjoy some SoCal weather in such a SoCal setting. Talk about stress relief. 

Adam found a tractor...

...and then attempted to run Nick over

Behold, the game of Make A Tall Stack Of Pool Toys And Try To Jump Over It:

Adam's epic jump

Kelly's first attempt

Kelly's second attempt

Nick With Noodle

Still haven't figured out how he got his legs up that quickly

Dalton's first attempt

Dalton's second attempt (I started laughing so hard that I had to stop halfway through)

Murphy the Timid

This is a fireplace. No joke. 

Murphy the Happy

My favorite part of the day, though, was this:

Dalton plays basketball. 

Dalton loses basketball over the neighbor's fence, and Adam and Tristan come running to his aid. 

Adam thinks up ingenious plan to retrieve the basketball with the pool net (and, for a brief time, a hose).

Eventually, Kelly (not pictured; on other side of fence) walks over to the neighbor's yard and throws the basketball back over to the boys, thereby saving the day.

Dalton is free to shoot hoops once more. 

The End. 

Moral of the story: Have (boss's) pool, will party. Thanks for letting us use your digs, Sara!

Happy Hump Day!