Slow is Fast

Talk about a staycation: last autumn, Patagonia Surf Ambassador Dan Malloy and a couple of his friends grabbed their bikes, surfboards, and wetsuits and took a train heading north from their towns in southern California, all with the idea of exploring their home state. As Dan put it, "The idea was to surf down the coast by bike, staying with friends, family and acquaintances, poaching camps when we had to, doing our best to earn our keep and to learn from folks that are doing good work and getting by along the California coast."

They wrote a book about the experience, and now they're sharing their journey on a tour through California. You can check out Dan's two blog posts about their time on the road (onetwo), and I'd also suggest taking a look at the beautiful book trailer (which is apparently a thing now, who knew?):

The posts and photos are beautiful, but the highlight of all of this for me was reading someone's comment on the second blog post; the commenter said, "A friend of mine recently lamented a peculiar but profound observation. He said thatif you take the word "nowhere" and add a little space and time, you have 'now here.'"

How beautiful and true is that? This project is a perfect embodiment of that idea. 

Happy Monday, friends! Here's to mini adventures and exploring your own back yard.

(All photos by Kanoa ZimmermanKellen Keene, & Dan Malloy via The Cleanest Line blog)