Home Again, Home Again

Isn't my hometown pretty? I snapped this on the way back from a photo session in Wisconsin; the lift bridge was up as we were crossing back over to Minnesota (it goes up every 30-60 minutes to let the Andiamo - the paddle boat on the far left - through), so while we were stopped on the bridge in the middle of the river, I hopped out of the car and took some pictures. Perfect timing. And seriously, is there anything more "quintessential small town America" than this photo? I think not. 

Needless to say, I'm home again. I shot a wedding this past Sunday, and now I'm hanging out and doing a bunch of photo sessions around the Twin Cities for the week, and will be finishing up my trip by attending a wedding in a barn with some of my best friends. Midwest, I love you. 

Hope your Labor Day was labor free! I spent a good chunk of mine at the Minnesota State Fair. You can bet there will be some photos of that coming your way soon. Ya sure you betcha. 

Happy Hump Day! Look at that, you're already halfway to the weekend again. Good job, you.