Hello, and welcome to another edition of Rachel is Super Biased About the Couples She Photographs.

My only disclaimer (it's a pretty big disclaimer) here is that this couple is comprised of two of my best friends. It was recently determined that I've known Sam for seven years, and Lisa for six. Uffda. We all became friends while working at summer camp together, and as summer camp friendships are wont to do, ours lasted beyond the confines of balmy nights and kids singing around the campfire. Of course, it helps that we've spent a total amount of one month of our lives in Hawaii together (two weeks one summer, two weeks the next) working at YMCA Camp Erdman on the North Shore of Oahu (you'll know it as the location of the Others' village on

Lost). If driving around Hawaii in a van, eating copious amounts of shave ice (I'll miss you, Aoki's) spending time with adorable children at the beach and getting a killer tan doesn't result in a bond that lasts a lifetime, I don't know what does. Also, I was there in Hawaii with them when they started their relationship, so it's only fitting that I be the one to document their love, amongst other things, as they celebrate their engagement. 

I could go on and on. I love these two, and I had the hardest time narrowing down photos of them (yes, this post is the narrowed down version), because as it turns out, they are both extremely photogenic. But again, I'm a little biased.

Congrats on everything, you guys. Can't wait for your big day! Enjoy.