Fall iPhoneography

I had a dog-walking session this afternoon in the Hollywood Hills (the dogs were adorable, but we're not allowed to take pictures of them). The weather today was legitimate (southern California) fall weather; 65 degrees, a chance of rain, a chilly breeze, and clouds scudding across the sky, occasionally blotting out the sun. The air was fresh and clean and smelled like clarity. I inhaled deeply and pushed myself up and down the steep sidewalks, talking out loud in a peppy voice to spur the dogs to action (they weren't feeling the thigh burn as much as me). At the midpoint of the hill, I was rewarded with this view (can you spot the ocean?):

Sometimes I am unable to come to terms with how deep my love is for Los Angeles. I've only felt this strongly about a specific place a handful of times before (the North Shore of Oahu, the summer camp I used to work at, my parents' house). There are days when I want to grasp it by its throat and shake it until it stops taking itself so seriously, but most of the time all I want to do is gather it into my arms for a gigantic hug. I love that it can be autumn one day and a beach day the next. I love the way the clouds look set against the hills, and how an amazing vista point is never further than a twenty-minute drive (or walk) away. I love that no one drives the speed limit. I love the blue sky and the ocean and all of the insane people who are out here trying to make "it" happen, whatever "it" is. I love that one of my jobs is to walk peoples' dogs along winding streets past ridiculously fancy houses that I will never be able to afford, because seriously, what is more LA than that? I love it here. Love love love love love. 

I got an iPhone last week. We sold Toby's iPhone 5 to Verizon and used my upgrade, which resulted in me actually earning $12 from the whole transaction. I was paid to obtain an iPhone 5s. Thank you, universe. 

I've been slowly learning the ins and outs of the iOS system; this is my first iPhone, having been an Android person through and through thus far. The camera is killing me with how fantastic it is. Never did I think I would be able to take such gorgeous pictures with my cell phone. I've also been spending a lot of time obsessively editing photos using VSCO, which I use a lot on my computer, but have never before had access to for my phone photos. Today, though, I left the pictures as they were, straight out of the beautiful little iPhone camera. There was no need for anything extra, because the light and the clouds and the blue and the wind and the everything were picture perfect. 

When I got home, the marine layer had started creeping up from the sea just as the sun was starting to head towards the horizon. I briefly considered jumping in my car and driving back up to the top of the hills to check out the view, but opted instead to hang haphazardly out of our screen-less bedroom window to take a picture of the clouds rolling in. As I closed the window, the first few drops of rain fell. Los Angeles, I'm yours. 

Happy Monday!