Minnesota State Fair

Ah, posting belated photos, one of the many items on my very long, very detailed To Do List right now. This first set of belatedness comes to you courtesy of old friends and old traditions, brought together by fate and Facebook. Or something like that. 

My family has never been big on the state fair. I went sporadically while growing up, because we were visiting a relative who had an animal in one of the barns, or because there was a concert I wanted to attend, or, in my teen years, because my friends and I had our drivers licenses, and we could, damn it. I have fond memories of eating disgusting variations of fried food on sticks, flirting with boys, and wandering around in circles, passing the same buildings again and again, because let's be real: the fair is a labyrinth designed to suck you in and keep you there until it's good and done with you, at which time it will spit you out on the other side, greasy and haggard and in desperate need of a shower. 

Lucky for me, I now know my state fair limits. This year, I only went for a few hours. I brought my friend Elena with me, and Facebook brought our friend Edwin to us, although all of us ending up on the same random Park 'N Ride shuttle bus to the entrance was just pure destiny. Also lucky for us: Edwin is an avid fair-goer (his visit with us was his fifth of the year) who has the fairgrounds memorized and carries a ragged and well-loved coupon book that gave us great deals on food and drinks. It also happened to be cloudy and chilly, which are weather conditions I have never once experienced at the fair; usually there is a blazing sun accompanied by 110% humidity, and everything/one is a sticky, smelly mess. 

Anyway, I digress. I had a wonderful time with my two nordic friends, talking college and summer camp (we all attended and worked at the same places for a few years). I hadn't seen Edwin in at least two years, so it was a treat being able to catch up with him, and I always enjoy my Elenalove time. Plus, I fulfilled my Going To The State Fair Every Couple Of Years Quota, even thought I now live thousands of miles away. Fulfilling quotas from a distance. That's what's up. Rachel out. 

Can you spot the man who spotted me?

Midwest love, y'all

Condom on a stick

Happy Tuesday!