Work Bitch

You guys. Did you know that being a photographer is actually a lot of work? I "knew" it, but I didn't really KNOW it until this year. Photo editing has started to take up a lot of my time, and I'm trying to reorganize my schedule and figure out a routine that works best for me. I have so, so many photos and thoughts to share with you, but in the meantime you'll just have to do with the picture above, taken by my lovely friend Sarah, with whom I am in the process of starting a wedding photography business (we shot three beautiful weddings in August, which is where a huge chunk of my workload is currently coming from; the handsome man behind me in the photo is Cameron, Sarah's boyfriend (and one of Toby's best friends), who has been of invaluable service to us as we learn the ins and outs of photographing a wedding). 

Busy, busy, busy. Needless to say, Miss Britney (NSFW, so you know it's good) is getting a lot of play time in this apartment these days. 

I miss you. I shall return soon.