A little over a year ago, when I was just dipping my toes into family photo sessions, my cousin Grace got in touch and asked if I could take some pictures for her family. I had such a blast with them, and I've only gotten the chance to see them a couple of times since, so I was thrilled when Grace asked if I could do another photo session for them, this time just with Belle and Piper. 

Looking back on the photos from last year, it's fun to see how much they have grown, and yet how some things have stayed the same, like Piper's diva pout. These sisters are such good friends. They showed me the games that they like to play and cheers that they like to practice together that Belle learned for her cheerleading squad at school. And let me tell you, though a lot of photography is sitting on the couch and editing photos, it's sessions like these that make up for that time spent being sedentary; I ran all over the place trying to keep up with these two as they played tag and hide and seek through the gorgeous cactus and rose gardens at Balboa Park in San Diego. 


Piper was very concerned that "Sissy" was climbing up the hill without her, so she yelled at her to come back down and then pouted when she didn't listen...until I distracted her by asking about the stick she was holding. =]

Happy Monday!