Continuing the trend of long overdue posts, I want to share with you today a session I did back at the beginning of September when I was in Minnesota to photograph and attend a couple of weddings. 

Caitlin has been one of my BBFZ-with-a-capital-Z for a long time now; we've been friends since we were seven, and though we lost touch for a few years during elementary school and junior high, we reconnected as teenagers and our friendship has thrived ever since. We've spent a lot of time apart throughout the years, attending different colleges and now living in different states, but the internet has kept our love alive, and I talk to her more often than I talk to most of my friends here in California (thanks Gmail!).

Cait also happens to be my fashion mentor and Keeper of Knowledge on all things style, as well as an excellent writer. She started a blog named SophistiCAITed a few years ago, and it quickly became my favorite place to go for fashion advice and witty writing. I'm endlessly in awe of her stylistic prowess and her ability to break things down in easy-to-read-and-understand tidbits, even for fashion plebs like myself. We had been talking about doing a fun styled shoot for awhile, and the planets finally collided in September and made it happen.

I had so much fun during this session, and while part of that probably has to do with being able to hang out with mah bestie for several hours, I also think it was because I was able to do whatever I wanted with it aesthetically and artistically. It was also fun to practice taking charge and thinking of ways for her to move and pose that would seem natural, which is always my biggest goal when taking photos (whether or not I actually succeed at is is another story).

Cait blogged about these looks and posted more of the photos: Part 1Part 2Part 3. Make sure to add her blog to your list of favorites - you'll thank me later.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Happy Monday!