Good Nights

A couple of days ago, I received an unexpected check in the mail. As a freelancer whose moneymaking is scattered far and wide and is never a guarantee, it was a nice little surprise. At first I was confused, because I've been trying to start up a homemade accounting system (aka: writing lists of money I'm owed and then crossing each item off as it comes in - very efficient), and I thought I had everything accounted for, but then I remembered receiving awhile back from hitRECord, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's online collaboration project, asking me for my address so they could send me some royalties from a collab that used one of my photos. 

I joined hitRECord back in 2011 when I still lived in Minneapolis and was just starting to consider pursuing a career in photography and was looking for some creative outlets. It's a little corner of the internet that is chock full of innovative and creative people sharing their work and remixing others' work that result in some fantastic pieces of art. 

I contributed a photograph to a collaboration named The Road, not really expecting anything to come of it, and I haven't really spent that much time on the site since we moved to LA, so I was pretty out of the loop about what was going on until I got the check (signed by JGL himself, no less!). My photo is only in the video for a few seconds at the beginning and end (the photo in the middle starting at :09 and again briefly at 1:36), but that's the best part about hitRECord: you share something you made, and then other artists scramble it around and add their own twists, while at the same time the same thing is happening to hundreds of other contributions, and the end result is a beautiful blend of shared vision and artistry. This video is a perfect example of that. 

Thanks for the cash, Joe!

Happy Hump Day, friends.