Jurassic Park Halloween

So...I kind of dropped the ball this year in regards to documenting how amazing Halloween was. Last year we did a fairytale-themed haunted houseat my friend's place, and it was a big hit with the kids.This year, my friends Nick & Kelly planned a Jurassic Park themed experience for the trick-or-treaters, and while I helped 0% in making the whole thing happen, they still let me participate by helping to operate the giant paper mache T-rex head and run around screaming like I was being chased by dinosaurs. I brought my camera along to take some photos, but then...I didn't. I got there late and it was already dark, and I had to jump right into the action because the kids were starting to arrive, and then I was having too much fun just being in the moment. Excuses, excuses. 

I do need to say, though, that my friends continue to impress me with their creativity and motivation. They went all out: paper mache, Jurassic Park ID badges and helmets, sound effects and music straight from the movie, a script, timed lighting...and all planned and executed within the span of a week. I'm regretting my lack of photos, big time, because I don't think words can do it justice. There was a line that snaked down the block and around the corner; the parents and kids said they remembered our haunted house from last year, and they were already asking what we're going to do next year. Whether we like it or not, I think we've formed an annual tradition. 

Here are the few measly snapshots that I took (can you spot Cassie?). My throat is still scratchy from screaming and laughing (and eating so. much. candy.). It was also our friend Adam's birthday, so while dinosaurs were eating people outside, there was a party going on inside with lots of friends and tasty food. 

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Courtesy of Sarah