What's that you say? You want links from around the internet, some of which are over three months old, curated especially for this blog by yours truly? Today is your lucky day.


The Onion wins again.

My dad sent this one to me, which made me very happy because he always knows what I need to hear.

I just realized I re-pinned this picture list of untranslatable words from other cultures for the second time yesterday. And the world spins madly on. This one is my favorite:

(On a related note, just in case you haven't checked it out yet: Otherwordly.)

An entertaining activity for you Benedict Cumberbatch lovers out there (or if you're just bored at work).

Patagonia's blog, The Cleanest Line, is full of stories and thoughts about the environment, consumerism, and life.

This Blurred Lines parody video (NSFW) is something my gender studies professor would have showed us in class. It stirred up some necessary controversy, and I found the comments for the video to be very telling, especially the ones made by men.

Adorable surf babies:

The Insomniac's To Do List (many of these could also be added to The Anxious Person's Everyday To Do List).

The subject of women taking their husband's last name is one that I have thought about a lot in the past few years as many of my friends have started getting married. This piece on Jezebel entitled Men Who Insist You Change Your Name Make Terrible Husbands is a tad incendiary, but I totally agree with it, and Lindy West is awesome, so...just read it. Food for thought. 

Some fun pictures of open Southern California landscapeswhen LA's most famous streets were dirt roads.

Speaking of Los Angeles, it is COLD (mid-forties) here right now, and there's all this wet stuff coming from the sky and the air is moving more quickly than it is when it's just standing still. We're really not sure what's happening. Maybe this adorable Canadian couple could bring their bubbles down south and help us out. 

Lastly, I'm sure most of you in the blogosphere are aware of good ol' Anonymous and his/her occasional comments. I've gotten them blocked for the most part, but every once in awhile a few slip few. Here are a couple of recent ones that I have received and got a good chuckle from:

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Happy Sunday!