I recently joined Exposure, a new web site that was created for the purpose of giving photographers a  way to craft narratives based on series of photos that they have taken. It has a beautiful layout and an easy-to-use format that I have already fallen in love with. I'm hoping to create one post a week about various adventures I have to supplement my exploration series that I already have going on on this blog; I'll share a link with you on here every time I post over on Exposure. I suggest you head on over to the site and check out the wide array of fabulous photographers that are already telling their stories. I am blown away by the talent that is being shared every day. 


This week, you get a double Exposure (see what I did there?), since I've already created two posts.

The first one, Chasing Autumn, is about my adventures in the Eastern Sierra Mountains to find some fall color, which is pretty sparse here in Los Angeles (you'll be hearing more about my time in the mountains as I kick off my Solo series in the next couple of weeks). 

The second post is about my visit to Mono Lakeand how beauty is in the eye of the beholder (in this case, Mark Twain is not the beholder).

I'm really excited about this series, since I've been looking for new ways to share my photos and stories beyond this blog. I hope you'll enjoy reading and looking as much as I've enjoyed creating.

Happy Tuesday!