To & Fro

I've had a fascination with the marine layer and its comings and goings since I moved to Los Angeles. It is thrilling to me that the ocean creates a giant pile of cloud that creeps in over the land as the day cools and burns off as the sun gains strength. I love it when the meteorologists on the radio talk about how long it will take for the fog to subside and how that will affect the weather for the day. It's just so  damn coastal; in the midwest, the clouds puff along across the sky on their way to their next destination; here, they move as one, to and fro, from sea to shore and back again. 

Sometimes you can see the marine layer hovering far out at sea all day long, and as the sun sinks towards the horizon, the bank of clouds slowly makes its way back to land, growing bigger and bigger until a giant wall of mist overtakes you and you are suddenly shrouded in fog. This happened on my family's first day here this past week, while my brother played in the ocean and my parents and I sat on the beach soaking up the sun. They quickly retreated back to the house we were renting, but I lingered, exhilarated by the sudden eeriness of the beach that had been sunny and cheerful just moments before. It was beautiful.

I hope everyone had a cozy Thanksgiving weekend! I had a wonderful time with my family, and will be posting lots of photos from their visit soon. I'm already counting down the days until Toby and I head home for Christmas. Minnesota, you are under strict orders to have lots of white fluffy stuff on the ground when I arrive. I will accept nothing less than a winter wonderland. 

Happy Monday!