How is it already Friday again? I'm getting a little tired of this whole time moving at warp speed thing.


Some things I'm diggin' this week:

"heat" map based on the places in the world where people take the most pictures. 

A web site where you can create guided maps to areas and neighborhoods that you love (or that you want to visit), and then share it with your friends (or fellow travelers). I love this concept and definitely plan on using it in the future. 

I've a little clickbait weary these days, especially when it comes to the headlines used for Upworthy and ViralNova articles and videos. They are everywhere, they always follow the same formula (______ Thought ______, But Then He/She __________, and What Happened Next Blew His/Her Mind!). It's getting out of hand. Enter: the Upworthy headline generator. Thank you, Internet. 

This song (discovered on this Tumblr, a new favorite of my little wanderlusting heart):

(You can listen to the non-live version of the song here.)

This week's iPhoneography:

Happy Friday, dudes. It's going to be in the mid-80s here today, and I'm going to the beach, and you can't stop me. Have a fantastic weekend!