No, but seriously, I just got done writing my previous diggin' post, so how is it already a week later? I'm not kidding about this whole time moving at warp speed thing. Someone do something. This week consisted of a super random and last minute work schedule, a new hike, and a spontaneous road trip up to the central coast. Photos, photos, and more photos to come.


A few things I'm diggin':

I listened to two wonderful podcasts this week - it's amazing how much more productive I am when I work while listening to something instead of working while watching television. 

The first one was an episode from The Dirtbag Diaries, posted on Patagonia's The Cleanest Line blog. The episode is called "If You Build It", and it's about one man's quest to build a backcountry ski lodge specifically for snowboarders, and all of the ridiculous obstacles and challenges he and his friends ran into and overcame along the way. 

My favorite quote from the episode: 

"If you attach your ego to your idea, it's probably gonna fail. But if you have a good idea and you let it be its own good idea, and you think of it as more like a funnel...if you bring good people around, their good energy is gonna go into the funnel and it's going to become this condensed stream of awesome." - Jeff Pensiero

The second podcast I listened to was an episode of On Being with Krista Tippet from early December of last year, in which she interviewed Brené Brown about her TED Talk on Vulnerability. 

I first blogged about that TED talk almost three years ago because it really touched a nerve for me and the struggles I was having (and still am). This interview was even more poignant and affirming. I plan on listening to it again in the next couple of days.

And lastly, One Direction without autotune (this made me laugh so hard I cried, just in case you're wondering where my maturity level is at):

This week's iPhoneography:

Happy weekending!