Hidy ho, neighbors, and welcome to Friday! Hope you had a great week. Mine was rather uneventful, but Toby's birthday is coming up tomorrow and we're having people over to our apartment to watch the Super Bowl, because shhh, I finally got us actual television service for the first time ever. Yay basic cable!


A few things I'm diggin':

I can honestly say that I have no idea what the whole "doge meme" was before this week, but now that I do, I'm seeing it everywhere. This is my favorite example

This Ira Glass quote has been recreated in many different forms, and this video is another job well done, and a good excuse to watch and listen to it again:

As someone who currently has a weird relationship with food because of how much scary shit we seem to be hearing about every single thing we put in our bodies these days, this article was nice to read. I'll probably still be sticking with organic food when I can, though. You know, just in case. 


This week's iPhoneography consists of exactly one photograph that I took just this morning. It rained here in LA last night for the first time a million, kazillion years (no exaggeration), and it was incredible to walk outside and breathe in damp grass, damp tar, damp air, damp everything. Today it's weather as usual, but as I was walking home from the bagel shop, this leaf caught my eye. Memories. 

Happy weekending!