I'm not big on winter. I grew up in Minnesota, so you'd think I'd be a cold weather champ, but alas, I was born without the thick skin gene (TGS). 

However, since moving faaaaar away from the Great White North, I have come to embrace winter in tiny bits and pieces. Now that I'm not forced to endure ice and snow for six months at a time, I enjoy my share of snow-shoeing, snowman building, and even the occasional romp down a ski slope ("romp" in this case can be translated to "going down the hill twice, maximum, and then sitting at the bottom doing shots of cinnamon whiskey" (WHICH IS A THING!!!)) 

One of the activities that I still get the most excited about doing in the winter is taking photos. There is something so alluring about the colors and textures of this time of year; the browns and oranges of barren trees mixed with the green firs, branches criss-crossing each other over a blue sky, white snow blanketing the ground. While I was home for Christmas, my friend Maggie and her family took me on an exploration of DD Kennedy Park in Wisconsin, near their gorgeous cabin on the lake where I used to be a summer camp counselor. I trekked through snow drifts in my ridiculous boots that look like they're made for winter but are totally lying, and did it with a giant grin on my face the whole time because I was having so much fun. If you need to spend time being outside in the cold, these are the kind of people you want to do it with. 

Thanks for the experience, Overman family! Enjoy. 

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