Lovelight, Wisconsin Edition

When I die, please tell whoever is in charge of my tombstone to have the epitaph read "Here Lies Rachel Jackson - She Took Too Many Pictures".

Toby and I went home for Christmas. Eight glorious days of living in a snow globe world. I asked for a winter wonderland, and I got it. 

I have gone back to the midwest so many times since I moved to Los Angeles that I've lost count. It's hard to be disconnected from my homeland when everyone is getting married and having babies. Out of all of my visits, though, Christmas is always my favorite. The month of December is the only span of time when winter makes sense, in my opinion; Santa feels comfortable traveling in the freezing cold and snow, and it gives people an excuse to sit inside by a fire and consume hot drinks full of booze. It's a win-win situation. 

Also, tiny ginger babies dressed like reindeer!

Our trip was perfection. I got the full winter experience, from driving through a snowstorm in rural Wisconsin to scraping ice off the windshield of a car (things I apparently now consider to be included in the category of "perfection"...interesting). I never wish to have a Christmas without cold and snow. It's still super weird spending the first few weeks of December in LA, where people decorate with fake snow and giant blow up snow globes, as though that somehow compensates for not having the real thing. 

We spent a couple of days before Christmas at Toby's parents' house in Wisconsin. It's a cabin in the woods, complete with a wood-burning stove, fields and trees slathered in snow, and Christmas decorations galore. It's one of the most photogenic, cozy living spaces I've ever experienced, and I spent hours wandering around the house and surrounding area taking pictures. There is so much love and warmth to be found there. I can't believe my luck in finding a man who has such a beautiful, caring family of story-tellers, game-players and providers. I adore those people, and I adore that place.