Roof With A View

I just got done eating breakfast. Eggs, spinach, english muffin, cheese, with a side of sugared fruit from the Super Bowl party (to pair with cinnamon sugar pita chips), and one and a half (two) pieces of Toby's birthday cake. The best part of waking up is birthday cake in your belly.

Yesterday was the first time we've had more than a few people over to our apartment at one time. I'm still terrified of Magda (who I finally realized I named after the Magda from Sex & The City; even my subconscious thinks way too much about pop culture) even though she has been nothing but perfectly nice to us for over a year now - she also has a major cougar crush on Toby, smiling and waving and saying hi whenever she sees him. I get the occasional head nod, for which I am very grateful. I pushed my old lady fear aside to celebrate Toby's birthday, and to my relief, nary a broomstick touched a ceiling, at least not that we were able to hear.

My post from last Thursday was the most cleansing thing I've written in a long time. Honesty is so scary, even when what you're being honest about isn't that big of a deal to anyone else but you. I'm making a February 3rd Resolution to write more for the sake of writing, both on this blog and elsewhere, probably in a journal of some sort. I used to consider myself a writer, and now whenever I write anything it either ends up sounding like a college sociology paper or like a shitty junior high diary. I'd like to change that. Practice makes perfect, ten thousand hours, etc. etc.

A couple of months ago, my friend Ali was working on a commercial spot and asked me to come take some behind the scenes photos. The morning I joined them, they were shooting on the roof of the Rosslyn Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. It was a chilly morning, and it had just snowed in the mountains the night before, the peaks visible in the distance, occasionally shrouded by clouds. The air was bright, and the light hit the buildings and people in all the right places, making for some crisp, beautiful photos. I wandered, taking pictures of whatever caught my eye and stopping every once in awhile to watch the action. It was the most Hollywood thing I had done up until that point. Ali has been an excellent source of adventures and random activities. He originally found me on Flickr. Internet, you win again. 

Happy first week of February, friends.